Agent Safety Month: Open House Safety Tips

September is Agent Safety Month. Read through these quick tips that can minimize risks and help you remain safe while conducting open houses:

Hosting an open house is an essential part of the real estate process, but it’s crucial to prioritize safety for both yourself and potential buyers. In this guide, we’ll explore some advanced safety measures that real estate agents can implement to create a secure environment during open houses.

  1. Partner Up for Added Security:
    • Consider conducting open houses with two affiliated agents rather than going solo. This not only provides an extra set of eyes and ears but also enhances overall safety. With multiple agents present, you can effectively manage the flow of visitors and respond to inquiries more efficiently.
  2. Ensure Connectivity and Emergency Preparedness:
    • Before the open house, double-check your cell phone’s battery life and signal strength. It’s imperative to have uninterrupted communication in case of an emergency. Program essential numbers like local law enforcement, your office, and a trusted colleague on speed dial for quick access.
  3. Familiarize Yourself with the Property Layout:
    • Take some time to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the layout of the home. Identify multiple escape routes in case of unforeseen circumstances. Knowing the property well allows you to guide visitors safely and respond confidently to any queries about the space.
  4. Secure Your Personal Belongings:
    • Prioritize your own security by keeping your car keys with you at all times. Lock your car doors and place all non-essential items, such as equipment and briefcases, in the trunk. This precautionary measure helps prevent any potential theft or tampering.
  5. Leverage Agent Safety Apps:
    • Explore the use of agent safety apps like the FOREWARN app, available through SPARK. These applications offer invaluable insights into prior face-to-face engagements with consumers. By accessing this information, you can better understand and address potential risks, ensuring a safer open house experience.
  6. Utilize Technology for Remote Monitoring:
    • Consider incorporating security technology to enhance safety during open houses. Smart home security systems with cameras and remote monitoring capabilities allow you to keep an eye on the property and its visitors from a safe distance. This added layer of security can provide peace of mind.
  7. Establish Clear Sign-In Procedures:
    • Implement a sign-in process for all visitors entering the property. This not only helps you keep track of who is present but also acts as a deterrent to any potential ill-intentioned individuals. Requesting basic contact information can also serve as a precautionary measure.

Prioritizing safety during open houses is paramount for real estate agents. By following these advanced safety tips, you can create a secure environment that instills confidence in both yourself and potential buyers. Remember, a well-prepared agent is a safer agent, ensuring successful and worry-free open house events. Most importantly, always listen to your intuition and trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable doing something, do not do it. Call the police if necessary.

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