Mastering Your Real Estate Journey: Legal Resources for Realtors

Explore essential legal resources tailored for Realtors. Empower your practice with expert guidance on navigating the legal intricacies of real estate. Agents new to real estate will benefit from the video below titled “Ten Common Legal Mistakes” (Begin watching at 1:12 to skip the intro). Understanding the easy legal mistakes that agents make is paramount to mitigating risk for yourself, your clients, and your brokerage.

Example: Legal Mistake #1 – When a Realtor takes a new listing after the expiration of the prior listing with another agent, the Realtor should not simply copy the information from the prior listing.

Michigan Realtors offer legal resources which include access to a law library, legal hotline FAQ, and free access to attorneys at the: LEGAL HOTLINE 800.522.2820.

We also have access to forms that have been drafted for our use. They can be found here. Ask Office Manager Jennifer Murphy for login information to access the password-protected forms.

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