Coldwell Banker Annual Agent Priorities Reports

2023 Agent Priorities Report:

What matters most to real estate agents today?

Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC has been conducting an annual research studies with brand health at the forefront since 2020. The goal has been to gain a deeper understanding of agent opinions, priorities and how they view leading brands in the real estate marketplace. The most recent study highlights key insights from the 2023 agent priority report and identifies key differences between previous year priorities and present.

So, what is influencing which company agents choose to affiliate with? What specific attributes correlate with agent satisfaction today? What makes them happy or unhappy with the brands they are currently associated with? In other words, what matters most
to real estate agents?

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  • Agents are most interested in a focus on best-in-class service.
  • Agents mark lead generation as the most helpful element in today’s marketplace.
  • Agents choose culture when making decisions on affiliation.
  • Coldwell Banker is ranked #1 in agent trust.

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Past Year Reports

Please note, there is no “2021” report.

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