A Career in Real Estate

Welcome to the world of limitless opportunities in real estate! If you’re driven, passionate about helping others, and ready to embark on a dynamic and rewarding career, you’re in the right place. At Coldwell Banker Fairbairn Realty, we believe that a successful career in real estate is not just about transactions; it’s about building relationships, creating homes, and shaping communities.

Why Coldwell Banker Fairbairn Realty?

The real estate industry offers more than just a job; it provides a platform to thrive. It’s an arena where your skills, knowledge, and determination can truly make a difference. As a real estate professional, you have the power to guide individuals and families through one of the most significant decisions of their lives.

When you choose Coldwell Banker Fairbairn Realty, you’re not just joining a company; you’re becoming part of a dynamic team of industry experts. We’re committed to your success, providing unparalleled support, ongoing training, and cutting-edge tools to ensure you have everything you need to excel in your real estate career.

The Coldwell Banker brand unites and inspires agents to leave our mark on the world of real estate. Coldwell Banker values the following principles:


Home is a place that represents unparalleled love and emotion. It is our mission to bring the joy of home to every one of our clients. We also take pride in building an exceptional home for agents and brokers, where you are empowered to achieve your most ambitious goals.


Awesomeness is a mindset that runs through every Coldwell Banker agent and office. It’s how we approach every business opportunity, how we live our lives, and a feeling of energy and optimism that’s impossible to ignore.


From the very beginning in 1906, we see things differently ingenuity is at the heart of the Coldwell Banker brand. We’ve consistently found new ways to help our clients, pioneering quite a few industry firsts in the process. From the first real estate code of ethics to being the first to bring big data to agents’ fingertips, we’ve always been happiest when we’re moving the real estate industry forward.


We believe that if you’re going to do something you should be the best at it. Whether it’s a listing presentation for a potential client, a home staging for an open house, or leading an office, excellence means conducting business at the highest possible standard.

No brand beats Coldwell Banker when it comes to agent satisfaction with their real estate company. It sounds simple, but it’s the truth – the things that matter to you are the things that matter to us. Every Coldwell Banker service is the product of diligent market research and incredible responsiveness to the needs of agents.

The Coldwell Banker commitment to serving agents truly results in your success.

The Coldwell Banker brand is home to agents with drive and vision, talent and compassion.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, our collaborative and nurturing environment is designed to help you reach your full potential. With access to exclusive listings, a vast network of clients, and a reputation for excellence, you’ll be well-equipped to build a thriving real estate business.

Ready to take the first step towards an exciting and fulfilling career in real estate? Explore our comprehensive resources, get to know our team, and discover how Coldwell Banker Fairbairn Realty can be the catalyst for your success.

Begin your journey today and unlock a world of possibilities in real estate!

If you’re inspired, energized and ready to take the next step in your career, we welcome you to the Coldwell Banker brand – your new home.

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Our Coldwell Banker social platforms have hundreds of millions of impressions.
The Coldwell Banker brand is the #1 most visited real estate brand online *based on 2021 data.
Education – Agents who participate in the Coldwell Banker University Learning Center courses report significantly more listings earned, units closed and sales volume compared to those who don’t.
Higher Sales Price – Coldwell Banker properties average a 20.7% higher sales price than the NAR average.
Our tools help your productivity, earning your more income.
Sales Volume – This is an extraordinary brand that’s empowered our network to transact over $335 BILLION in sales volume.
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