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Explore ‘What Moves Her,’ a transformative initiative empowering women in the real estate industry. Discover strategies, insights, and inspiring stories to elevate your career and leadership in the field. Join us in fostering a community of empowered female professionals.

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In 2020, What Moves Her® was introduced with the aim of empowering women in the real estate sector to enhance their leadership abilities and achieve their professional development objectives. Spearheaded by Sue Yannaccone, President & Chief Executive Officer of Anywhere Brands, this initiative strives to motivate and assist women in charting their course towards leadership and success in the real estate realm. During its inaugural year, a launch event and an ongoing virtual conversation series called “Portraits of What Moves Her,” hosted by Coldwell Banker, provided guidance to over 5,000 women, equipping them with tools and strategies to continue their journey towards success in both personal and professional spheres.

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What Moves Her has made significant strides in achieving its goals, but our journey is far from over. The dedication to supporting and educating women professionals in the real estate industry remains unwavering. This commitment will continue to drive What Moves Her, offering an array of resources including leadership programs, workshops, events, and more, all designed to empower and uplift more women in their professional endeavors.

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Sessions that Move You

What Moves Her sessions offer an intimate view into personal narratives and discussions that inspire women to foster mutual support, fortify their businesses, and uplift their communities.

Catch recordings from the latest in-person and virtual events, tackling topics that encourage women to support one another, their businesses and their communities.

Past Sessions

In honor of Veterans Day, the Anywhere Service Employee Resource Group (ERG), in collaboration with the Anywhere Women’s ERG and What Moves Her®, proudly spotlights the invaluable experiences and wisdom gained from military life.

Military service is a selfless journey that imparts unique perspectives, shaping the outlooks of those who serve. It comes as no surprise that some of the world’s most accomplished leaders have ties to the military, either as current or former members, veterans, or military family members. Notably, women in the U.S. military comprise 16% of the Armed Forces, occupying diverse roles, including combat and esteemed leadership positions.

The “Leadership Lessons Learned as a Woman in Military Life” session will showcase three exceptional women from the Anywhere network who have served or supported the military in various capacities. This session will delve into the core leadership competencies honed through their military experience, such as decision-making, team-building, and discipline. Join us on Tuesday, Nov. 8 from 4-5pm EST to gain valuable insights and fortify your own leadership skillset.

Facilitated by Sue Yannaccone, President and CEO of Anywhere Brands, the panel will feature:

• Carriann Sillman | Mother of a son in the Army, Vice President of Legal at Anywhere • Mary Tennison | Former Marine, now Application Support Supervisor at Anywhere Integrated Services • Jenny Wallace | Marine Veteran, Coldwell Banker Realty in Texas

Curious about joining the What Moves Her community? Visit www.whatmovesher.com to learn more.

Are you yearning for more hours in the day? Time you can invest in implementing business growth strategies, cherishing moments with family, or indulging in self-care?

It’s a common sentiment, particularly among women who often find themselves stretched thin compared to their male counterparts. Recent studies show that on average, women wish for an additional 82 minutes each day to accomplish their tasks.* In the dynamic world of real estate, this feeling can be even more pronounced as professionals balance the needs of various stakeholders and clients.

The August 2022 session of What Moves Her® is dedicated to equipping you with effective strategies to navigate your demanding schedule. In the engaging session titled “Mindful Tactics to Boost Productivity,” two esteemed mindfulness experts from the real estate industry will share their invaluable insights on discovering your optimal self. Mindfulness involves centering on the present moment and cultivating a heightened awareness of what we can and cannot influence. The advantages of practicing mindfulness and meditation are manifold, including increased confidence, efficiency, and self-awareness. The session will also include a guided meditation practice.

Featured Guests: • Sue Yannaccone | President & CEO, Anywhere Brands • Ida Fields | VP, Agent Marketing & Business Development, The Corcoran Group • Marli Kol | Senior Trainer, Expansion Brands