The Coldwell Banker® product team is excited to share that Design Concierge will be launching to all affiliate companies on Sept. 1.

Design Concierge is an in-house team of exceptionally talented copywriters, designers and project managers entirely focused on helping agents build their personal brand to grow their business. Through customized, expertly crafted packages and a la carte marketing materials, the Studio team delivers a start-to-finish branding experience – all without the agency price tag. For more information, review these resources:

Design Concierge Agency Video:

Design Concierge, powered by the marketing experts at The Studio, unites smart personalization technology with some of Earth’s most talented advertisers, copywriters and designers to help build your personal brand. Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. Are people talking about you? You need to stand out in a sea of agents, so get a starting point with the Smart Brand Builder. In 10 minutes, your personal

The Studio team will build a beautiful look and feel for your marketing. Design Concierge quickly learns your preferences and serves up a foundation for your brand, with a customized and expertly-designed package of marketing materials you can download immediately without the agency price tag. Get your name out there today and focus on people, not Photoshop. Ready to level up? Partner with the biggest agency in the business. The Studio will build on your brand’s foundation to further tailor your marketing, empowering you to live an exceptional life. Get the personal attention of creative experts on demand. Let us do more for you. From business cards to bios, we’re here to serve you.

Learn more about Design Concierge.

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