Silver Award for Coldwell Banker’s “DREAM” Campaign in 2023 US Search Awards

The US Search Awards recognize companies as the best in content marketing, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising proving Search excellence.

We’re excited to announce that the Coldwell Banker “Dream Campaign” has once again been named as award-winning.

“This campaign demonstrated out-of-the-box thinking and the creativity employed was evident throughout. Their objectives were highly appealing and well-articulated, clearly targeting the right audience with a well-thought-out strategy. The results achieved truly showcased their exceptional efforts,” Best of Use Search- Real Estate and Property, US Search Awards.

In 2020 and 2021, significant shifts occurred in how and where people lived, largely due to the emergence of remote work. This period also marked significant developments in the real estate industry. Then, a notable challenge arose in the form of limited housing inventory. Coldwell Banker responded by launching a creative campaign that encouraged consumers to envision their ideal living situation, given the newfound flexibility to live anywhere. The campaign primarily targeted sellers, urging them to list their homes and aim high, ultimately addressing the issue of low inventory.

To complement this initiative, Coldwell Banker introduced a user-friendly website equipped with tools for consumers to compare living costs between their dream location and their current one, access home estimates, and more (Move Meter).

The main objectives of the “Dream” campaign were to forge a connection with modern home sellers, set Coldwell Banker apart in a competitive market, and boost brand recognition. Stella Rising adopted a comprehensive, multi-channel strategy, placing significant emphasis on search marketing to ensure Coldwell Banker remained at the forefront of consumers’ minds throughout their home-buying journey.

Coldwell Banker LLC shares the US Search Award with Stella Rising for paid search work on the Dream Campaign.

Stella Rising’s strategy placed significant emphasis on consumer research, identifying two key motivations for moving. The first group, referred to as “upgraders,” consisted of individuals aged 25 to 56, including Young Millennials, Older Millennials, and Gen X. They were inclined to consider a move due to the following reasons:

  1. Changes in family dynamics, such as marriage or childbirth.
  2. Relocation of their job (or the option to work remotely) prompting the desire for a larger living space.
  3. Transitioning to remote work and seeking an upgrade in their living situation, given the increased time spent at home.

The second group, known as “rightsizers,” were aged 57 and older. They expressed an interest in downsizing due to the following factors:

  1. A desire to be closer to family.
  2. Retirement plans.
  3. Difficulty in maintaining their current, larger home.

Stella Rising pinpointed two pivotal events: Men’s National College Basketball and Professional Golf Tournaments. By leveraging both Coldwell Banker’s brand and Stella Rising’s deep understanding of consumer behavior, we recognized that these significant occasions would resonate with the audience.

Paid search played a supportive role alongside linear and Connected TV activations during these championships and beyond, effectively elevating Coldwell Banker’s visibility during these culturally significant moments and ensuring the brand stayed at the forefront of consumers’ minds.

The paid campaigns generated targeted outreach, driving users to take specific actions on the site or engage with the designated content related to these crucial campaigns. Stella focused on maximizing the impact of the Dream and Seller Strategy, emphasizing the use of tools like the Move Meter and CB Estimate to heighten awareness and encourage tool utilization. Together, we refined the objectives of each campaign, setting actionable goals both on-platform and on-site to enhance overall performance.

The campaign not only surpassed our primary objective of enhancing brand awareness, but it also exceeded our impressions key performance indicator (KPI) across all channels, including paid search. This achievement positioned Coldwell Banker perfectly—appearing in the right place, at the right time, and with the ideal frequency—to reach the correct target audience.

In collaboration with Stella Rising, the Coldwell Banker marketing team also delivered impressive results for the business, successfully generating leads by leveraging our integrated blend of digital channels to convert consumers on the new Coldwell Banker website. This marks a significant stride forward for the Coldwell Banker brand, creating an exciting and engaging phase in its lifecycle with key consumers.

Congratulations to both Stella and Coldwell Banker LLC on their success with the award-winning Dream Campaign with the most recent award – US Search Awards.

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