Mastering Your Real Estate Journey: Building Financial Health

In the fast-paced world of real estate, financial health is the cornerstone of a thriving career. As a real estate agent, your income isn’t just earned; it reflects your expertise, dedication, and ability to navigate a dynamic market. Create a strong foundation for your financial health.

Unlock unlimited earning potential and generate
a passive income stream by introducing other
successful agents to the Coldwell Banker® brand.
When you refer a qualifying agent who joins
our network, you’ll receive a Referral Rewards
Commission Payment on their eligible closed
transactions, with no cap or limits on how much
you can earn or how many agents you can
refer. Discover amazing passive income earning
potential as part of the Coldwell Banker brand.

You share in the success of the agents you recruit, receiving a Referral Rewards Commission Payment equivalent to 1% of their adjusted gross commission income (AGCI) on closed transactions.

Unlock your unlimited earning potential with Referral Rewards. Click any of the buttons below for more information, including program terms, FAQs, and much more.

*To be eligible for this program, the agent you refer cannot have been affiliated with the Coldwell Banker brand or any other Anywhere Real Estate brand within the past six months, or qualify for other recruitment incentive programs offered by Coldwell Banker.

We offer access to health, savings/retirement,
identity-theft protection, legal services and other
personal lifestyle options designed to help you
grow your business and balance your life.

SPARK is available to all Coldwell Banker® affiliated
agents. It’s a membership association providing
access to exclusive products and services tailored
to your needs including health, dental, disability
and vision insurance; retirement savings accounts;
cyber security compliance and protection;
discount business services and discounted CE
and license renewal.

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