Coldwell Banker Football Advertising Campaign

Coldwell Banker is leveraging the success of their Move Meter advertising campaign against the high viewership of fall football in this new “Move Meter Matchup”.

What do sports and real estate have in common? Everything.

At the heart of every game lies a deep connection – a shared passion that brings us together, just like the place we call home. From the thunderous cheers echoing through stadiums to the cheers of loved ones resonating within our own four walls, both sports and home evoke emotions, unite communities, and foster a sense of belonging.

Sports are also at the heart of every community, whether it’s “First Touch soccer” or Little League games played early on Saturday mornings, hundred-year rivalries contested under the Friday Night Lights, College showdowns for bragging rights, or the Pros.

For every Thursday Night Football game this coming season, there will be another game happening off the field – the Move Meter Matchup. Coldwell Banker’s football advertising campaign will be comparing each of the teams playing with each other from a Move Meter perspective to determine which could be the best place to call home. These will air during games on Amazon Prime Video as well as across social media.

Coldwell Banker has created a suite of assets to be used to bring this “Move Meter Matchup” concept to life locally. Whether you have an NFL team in your backyard or not, this concept can apply to anything – high school, pee wee sports, college, etc.

Football Schedule for Coldwell Banker Advertising Campaign

Want to know more? Reach out to Jennifer Murphy for a copy of the Coldwell Banker Advertising Move Meter Matchup Activation Guide at

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