Agent MoxiEngage Training


MoxiEngage 30 minute live virtual trainings with Q & A:

MoxiEngage 101 on Wednesday, April 12th at 11:30 AMMaximize Your SOI is the first in a series of courses that are designed to teach you how to receive the most benefit from this powerful CRM. This introductory course showcases an overview of the agent dashboard with its sales cycle driven process, demonstrates how to connect your email to setup your MoxiEngage account and offers important information for managing your database of contacts. Register here.

MoxiEngage 201 on Wednesday, April 19th at 11:30 AM – Email Marketing is the second in the MoxiEngage series. This session demonstrates how to set up email marketing campaigns, such as holiday drip campaigns and others, send eCards and connect your contacts with property updates called “Favs and Saves.” Agents will have their best learning experience in this course if they have already completed MoxiEngage 101: Maximize Your SOI and followed the suggested steps to setup and organize their contact database. Register here.

Tip: Creating Saved Searches for your clients in Engage is a great way to help them see all the listings they’re interested in, while helping you to see all their favorite properties from those searches. Add your personal touch to the search and let your clients know you are ready to help them find their dream home, all from your MoxiEngage account! For instructions, click here.

Learn more about Moxi here.

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