Social Graphics

Below, you will find a multitude of social media graphics for you to use on your social accounts. Some for buyers, some for sellers. Some for Facebook, some for Instagram. Some for boosting, some just for posting! Please refer to the below instructions to get the most value out of your advertising!

  1. If you want to boost (spend money to target an audience), make sure to use the low text options. Facebook will reduce the reach of your ads if there’s too much text. We have options below specifically for boosting!
  2. If you boost, make sure to have a clear call-to-action. Just boosting the graphic isn’t enough – what is your goal? Do you want them to send you a Facebook message, go to your website, get a free home evaluation? Just putting the photo out there with no additional instructions is not a great way to spend your budget.
  3. Make sure you have interesting, catchy text above the post!
  4. Check the “Special Ad Category” section and choose “Housing!” Otherwise, Facebook WILL reject your ad.


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