Realtor Property Resource (RPR) has all the tools

Realtor Property Resource (RPR) has something for everyone. They understand that everyone has different learning styles. From quick videos to printout guides, they’ve got it all. Click the link to access the RPR Learning Center.

Curious about what some of the courses are? Maintaining a Social Media Presence with Current Market Statistics is just one of the many fabulous and informative courses brought to Realtors as a part of their National membership, at no additional cost.

From RPR: In this webinar, we will show you how to:

  • Access market trends and housing charts
  • Share important statistics with clients and customers on social media
  • Utilize Canva to create eye-catching graphics for local markets

Create captivating video scripts and gain insight into market trends with just a few clicks, all powered by ChatGPT. The generated scripts are created using AI software. Scripts are intended to be starting points for content that should be validated by the user.

Don’t be intimidated by artificial intelligence. It’s not really so scary and a lot easier to use than you think! Click here for the webinar!

From RPR:

Share Regular Market Updates to Cut Through the Confusion

RPR reporting is not always perfectly suited for sharing on social media. For starters, there can be too much data to share on your feed at any one time. Consider picking one or two data points and adding some context around them. And to make sharing easier, we’ve created a bunch of new templates that will cut your design time in half, and still come off looking polished and professional. We’ve created these templates in Canva so you can easily apply your colors, fonts, and even images when needed, to have aesthetics that match your brand.

Use this link to view free Canva templates provided by Realtor Property Resource.

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