For Sale -Disney’s Haunted Mansion

Newly “listed” on Zillow, Disney’s infamous haunted NOLA mansion is taking advantage of the great press of an upcoming movie (release date July 28th) and going on the market (not really though).

Check out Disney’s Haunted Mansion virtual tour below:


  • 5 BDR, 2 BTH
  • Square Feet: 13,195
  • Year Built: 1823
  • Heating: Brimstone fireplaces
  • Gothic Revival
  • Interior Features: Foyer, Great Hall, Library, Ballroom, Seance Room, Conservatory
  • Exterior Details: Gated entrance, Garden, Cemetary



Your soul.


A hilariously clever move on behalf of the marketers at Disney. While we can’t offer “haunted” houses we do have a great selection of listings for sale if you’re in the market for something less terrifying.

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