Coldwell Banker Top 10 Press Placements Globally

We are excited to share the Coldwell Banker Top 10 earned press placements across the globe for 2022. Click the links to read and share this news coverage that ranges from international to national to local and celebrates the Coldwell Banker brand, leadership, and agent accomplishments and/or properties.

Top 10 Coldwell Banker Earned Press Placements in 2022

  1. Demand of Buyers Continues to Outstrip the Supply of Sellers (M. Ryan Gorman)
CNBC; Worldwide Exchange – key points
  • The fed is trying to cool down inflation across the economy… What we’ve seen because there is such a supply and demand imbalance, and we have not constructed enough homes to meet the demand, we’ve seen buyers adjusting their expectations and downsizing or moving father out, or changing shopping patterns.
  • Homes stay on the market for an average of 17 days which is a strong indicator that buyers are still out there. In a more “normalized” market we’d seen somewhere between 35-45 days on the market, giving buyers more than one weekend to view a home. Today, buyers need to be pre-qualified and able to move quickly when a home comes on the market.
  • Demand by buyers continues to outstrip the supply of willing sellers.
  • Data shows Americans are still willing to relocate to find a market better suited to their needs.
  • While it is shocking how quickly rates have increased, historically they’re still quite low. Buyers are adjusting their expectations when it comes to rising rates to borrow long-term money for an appreciating asset. 1/3 -1/2 buyers are cash buyers. When homes are on market for approximately 17 days, buyers differentiate themselves by putting a larger amount of money down or by becoming cash buyers to be as competitive as possible.

2. Now is the Time for Brands to Show Up for People (Liz Gehringer, president, CB Affiliate Business & COO)

Fortune – key points
  • COVID-19 turned remote work into a broader reality and caused many of us to examine what we value, and where and how we live going forward. 
  • Coldwell Banker was founded during a crisis in 1906, on the idea that customers deserved trusted advisors in making real estate purchases.
  • At Coldwell Banker, treating each other and our customers ethically takes care of most everything else.

3. How an Event Became a Results-Driven Experience (Gen Blue 2022, David Marine, CMO)

FastCompany – key points
  • the Generation Blue Experience is a legendary industry event designed to capture the imagination, entice the senses, and engage a network of more than 100,000 real estate professionals from 40 countries and territories. 
  • We welcome big names as motivational speakers, but the draw for our agents and affiliates is our deep bench of experts whom we feature on stage, in panels, and in educational sessions. We design spaces for them to learn from the best and brightest.
  • We monitor trends in the market, which enables us to adapt programming that addresses real-time issues. 

4. Homes Are a Safer Bet Than Stocks, Say One in Three Affluent Consumers (Michael Altneu, VP Global Luxury)

Mansion Global – key points
  • More than one-third of the 2,000 U.S.-based high-net-worth consumers polled in the survey are even more steadfast in their real estate investments, considering them a safer bet than stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency and pensions. 
  • 40% of respondents who are planning on purchasing a home in the future anticipate doing so in the next one to three years, and of those, 72% said that their purchase would either be a second home, a rental property or vacation getaway. 

5. Refer, Rally, Recruit and Retain: How Coldwell Banker Engages Agents (Recruiting and Retention)

Inman – key points
  • Coldwell Banker Global Luxury hosted its first-ever ENGAGE summit in Los Angeles, California. Representing over $12 billion in total sales volume, over 400 Luxury Property Specialists from 10 countries and 30 states assembled at the renowned Fairmont Century Plaza Hotel, nestled in the hills of Hollywood. Over three days, agents fostered relationships across the global luxury network, while also learning from real estate’s legendary stars.
  • We care about our agents, which is why we work to build our network, showcase our incredible talent and create opportunities for all agents to become successful. 

6. Homebuyers Taking a Leap of Faith and Relocating to Dream Destinations (“Dream” Ad Campaign 2022)

Real Trends – key points
  • Sellers are moving further from their original homes this summer, according to a recent Coldwell Banker Real Estate Move Meter report. Based on traffic to the company’s website, the average search covered 1,015 miles, about the distance of New York to Miami. 
  • 82% of all Move Meter searches to date involved out-of-state moves. Only about 13% of all searches involved driving 100 miles from an owner’s current home. Nearly half of the searches (42%) involved moves that were 500 to 1,500 miles.
  • On a regional basis, Midwesterners and Northeasterners were generally looking to warmer destinations in Southeast, according to the Coldwell Banker report. 

7. Luxury Buyers Seeking Smaller Homes, International Properties (Fall Trend Report 2022)

Forbes – key points
  • In accordance with news reports of rampant buyers’ regret seen often in 2021, many home buyers expressed unhappiness with the homes they purchased since the start of the pandemic. About one in four who acquired a home in the last 24 months reported dissatisfaction.

8. Pandemic Led Many to New Home Dreams (Consumer Spring Survey and “Dream” Ad Campaign)

Realtor Magazine – key points
  • Forty-four percent of American homeowners who plan to sell their homes in the future want to move to a different city or state. But they aren’t moving on a whim, the survey says. They’re prioritizing the following factors:
  • Quality of life (lifestyle and environmental elements): 94%
  • Housing affordability: 93%
  • Cost-of-living affordability: 93%
  • Job market strength: 70%

9. In Tumultuous Times, Entrepreneurs Need a Steady and Proven Partner (Company Growth)

Fast Company – key points
  • As an entrepreneur, it can feel unsettling to take the next steps towards growth—especially during times of turbulence. The right group of leaders and industry experts to guide and mentor you makes all the difference.

10. Coldwell Banker Weighs in on Rising Mortgage Rates (M. Ryan Gorman)

CNBC; Worldwide Exchange – key points
  • Buyers are still looking to “upsize” even with higher mortgage rates
  • Price increases need to regulate at some time, long term increasing pricing is not sustainable
  • Most bid-winning buyers are cash buyers not affected by mortgage rates
  • 46% of homeowners do not know what their homes are worth

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