Home Inspections: A Seller’s Guide

Are you thinking about selling your Northern Michigan home? We’ve put together your everything you need to know guide to home inspections and seller’s pre-listing home inspections.

Most typically, home inspections are done by a buyer after they’ve come to an agreed-upon purchase agreement with a seller. However, there is such a thing as a pre-listing home inspection for sellers before listing their homes.

The way we like to think about the pre-listing home inspection is this: it’s a good way to get ahead of any potential issues that may arise later with a buyer’s home inspection. The inspection will let you know from big to small, which repairs you can do as a seller before reaching a purchase agreement to make your home more saleable. Perhaps there are issues you aren’t aware of that could be fixed cheaply. A pre-listing home inspection can put a light on those issues which when repaired, will pay for themselves when you sell.

One of the largest benefits of the pre-listing home inspection is that sellers gain peace of mind. They will know exactly what could be red-flagged later and get ahead of those problems before a buyer gets involved. It could also help to avoid any delays in closing that might occur in a typical transaction without the pre-listing inspection.

Another benefit we’ve found is that a pre-listing home inspection helps to make a home more saleable. If it is advertised that a home had one, buyers are more trusting and more likely to purchase that home.

In our experience, our Northern Michigan inspectors offer a pre-listing home inspection at a reduced rate and will update the inspection report when a buyer becomes involved at again, a reduced rate. A win-win for everyone.

Yet another benefit of the pre-listing home inspection is that sellers are more knowledgeable when completing the State of Michigan-mandated seller’s disclosure.

Lastly, the inspection report could have the potential to assist a seller to negotiate with a buyer. For example, sellers will have had time to quote out any big repair items. For another, if the seller’s inspection and the buyer’s inspection don’t agree, they could compare notes.

We’d love to support you through the home-selling process.


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