How to cut energy costs

  1. UNPLUG – unplugging unused household appliances (blenders, mixers, coffee pots), phone and laptop chargers, and even lamps can help save you dollars. Even if the switch is turned off, these items can still draw energy and cost you money.

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  2. SWITCH OFF – turning your water off while doing dishes, brushing your teeth and even showering can be a cost savings. Many gallons of water are wasted during these activities which can be costing you money unnecessarily. Another way to save water? Do large loads of dishes and laundry to conserve water and only use it when necessary.

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  3. SEAL – seal up your air leaks around windows and doors to prevent wasting your heating and cooling energy.

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  4. PROGRAM – a programmable thermostat can allow your heating and cooling system to adjust temperatures based on times of day when you’ll be home or away. Many systems now allow for smartphone integration in case you need to make adjustments! Thermostat
  5. FILTER – while we’re talking about heating and cooling, be sure to swap out your filter for a new one (according to recommendations). There are even auto-renew programs you can sign up for which will send you a new filter every few months, automatically.
  6. SWAP OUT- swap out your high wattage/incandescent bulbs for LED (they use 25-80% less energy). For more information on energy efficient bulbs click here.
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Conduct a home energy audit. Click here to view how to self-assess your home energy usage, weakness and strengths.

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