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Introducing the newest Luxury Property Specialist benefit. The Wealth Engine platform is a powerful tool that is offered complimentary as part of the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Program that allows luxury property specialists to create and download targeted prospect lists from over 45 sources on more than 100 million US individuals in real-time to use in their marketing efforts. Luxury Property Specialists can get started by accessing the Wealth Engine agreement form and then joining the upcoming training on March 14 or the Q&A session on March 28.

Register for one of Wealth Engine’s training sessions

The WealthEngine program offered to Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Property Specialists offers the opportunity to purchase a deeply discounted license for the usage of the WealthEngine platform. That license provides access to the WealthEngine database and the ability to run custom lists. Custom lists can then be purchased. Cost of lists is dependent on level of targeting.  

WealthEngine provides access to more than 1,500 wealth and lifestyle attributes from 65 sources on more than 240 million high net worth individuals – all in real time. The data from WealthEngine is designed to replace static email lists and provide a higher likelihood of reaching the ideal client.  

Custom training sessions for Coldwell Banker have been scheduled to educate users on the specifics of how to navigate the platform, and to maximize the benefits. WealthEngine is a consumer data “SaaS” platform, empowering the user with the tools needed to do specific research and list creation directly in the platform.

Functionality includes: 

  • Individual look up – Find out someone’s wealth, behavior and demographic profile instantly, including key real estate metrics such as number of properties owned, real portfolio value and more.
  • Identify individuals in a market by geography, wealth, business name, etc.
  • Market research and prospect list creation – Our prospecting tool allows you to create lists across 1,600 data points. Lists are created, purchased and downloaded from the platform.
  • 150 Complimentary prospects (with all available contact data)

User subscriptions and lists are sold on an individual user basis, not by office or region.  There can be no sharing of passwords or lists. All instances of sharing will be considered a breach of contract, and the account will be closed. All purchase requests for subscriptions and lists must be in writing. 

How to Purchase a subscription: 

  • Email Coldwellbankersales@wealthengine.com or call 877-840-8801 with the following information:
  • User name, Coldwell Banker office and address, phone and email address.
  • A user agreement will be sent to you electronically. Please sign and return.
  • The invoice for $250 will be generated within 24 hours, and also sent electronically. All subscriptions must be pre-paid before the login credentials will be sent.
  • A welcome to WealthEngine message will follow, walking you through the password creation.

How to Purchase a List: 

  • Lists are generated directly in the platform by the user in the WE Prospect tab. There must be list prospect credits in your subscription account before you will be able to download the list. As you create the list, the quantity will be visible and can be adjusted.
  • There is a list purchase minimum of $250. The per name fee is $.16 per name, and will include all postal, phone and email addresses available for the individual.
  • To purchase a list, simply send an email to Coldwellbankersales@wealthengine.com with the quantity you would like to purchase. The list agreement will be sent, followed by an invoice. All list purchases must be prepaid before the credits will be available in the platform.

New Trainings!  Do you want to learn more on how to find wealthy leads in an efficient way? 

Register for one of our live training sessions led by Moira Boyle – Wealth Engine expert.  You will learn how to leverage the WE platform and the data that will help you with: 

  • How to accelerate your discovery of prospects and buyers with wealth behavioral and demographic insights 
  • Create custom lists for outreach to support a listing, general research for report preparation 
  • See a WealthEngine platform live demonstration 


To Register for the Demo/Training:  

This session will be a great introduction and basic training on the WE platform! We’ll cover scores, the basics of the tools in the platform (both Search and Prospect), and some general best practices.  

Please be sure to register at least 15 minutes prior to the session and remember: access codes cannot be shared! If you want to attend multiple sessions, just register for each session separately. 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. 

Coldwell Banker- WE Demo/Training occurs several times.

Register here to one of Wealth Engine’s training sessions (one hour) 

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