Basics of Global Luxury Marketing

Global Luxury listings are the TOP 10% of any given market with a minimum price point of $500,000.

To determine if the listing price is eligible for Global Luxury marketing, go to and click on marketing on the left side of the screen, then choose Global Luxury and then GL Threshold Tool.

Enter the zip code of the property to determine the minimum price for the property to be marketed as Global Luxury.

You DO NOT have to be a Global Luxury Certified Specialist to list and advertise Global Luxury properties.

What is included in a Global Luxury listing from the Coldwell Banker Luxury Division, Global

  • Placement on the following Premium Luxury Websites:
  • Minimum by Zip Code at $500k
  • Over a Million Dollars – Listhub Global
  • as House of the Day
  • CB YouTube Channel
  • Submit to National and International publications for exposure
  • Ability to use the Global Luxury logo
  • Ability to purchase ad space in National Global Luxury Co-Op Print ads

What is needed for Global Luxury Listings to be entered into the Global Luxury Program:

  • Fantastic correctly sized photography 3000×1500
  • Company Standard Global Luxury Signage
  • Color Brochures Created (50 with 2/4/8 page determined by price point)
  • 4 Color Postcards produced and mailed (Number determined by Price Point). You have access or buy a subscription to Wealth Engine to produce High Quality
    mailings lists.


  • Drone footage
  • On more expensive homes — Interior Video
  • Top Broker Open House
  • Local, National and Global Print Advertisements (See Unique Homes/Homes and Estates information)
  • Luxury Magazine Advertisement.
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