The Importance of Agent Safety; FOREWARN

Agent safety is of the utmost importance to us here at the Coldwell Banker brand. To that point, we have partnered with SPARK, through the Coldwell Banker Business Advantage Program, to offer an agent safety app called the FOREWARN App for Real Estate. Through this app, agents can safely plan for in-person interactions with new prospects and also find out important information about potential clients and prospects when meeting with them virtually or over the phone. The FOREWARN app is offered complimentary as part of the SPARK Premium Membership. Learn more about the FOREWARN App for Real Estate and share the information with agents in your office as you deem appropriate. 

Despite the continued expansion of information technology, the real estate industry remains dependent on personal interactions with consumers. Engagements often occur with a professional having zero or minimal verified knowledge of the other party.

Leveraging massive data resources and complex analytics, FOREWARN App for Real Estate provides instant knowledge, prior to face-to-face engagement with a consumer, to help real estate professionals better understand and address risk.

Additionally, large numbers of interactions can be scheduled more efficiently, and handled more effectively, with added verification of each individual consumer.

As face-to-face interaction drives the real estate industry, rarely are properties sold without personal interaction between prospective buyers and selling agents.

The continuing expansion of information technology has further empowered buyers to rely less on agent representation of their own. With the ability to easily locate target properties on various online listing services, buyers now regularly contact selling agents directly to make inquiries and schedule property showings. Most real estate agents and brokers may now see between 40%-50% of inquiries coming from unrepresented, unknown, buyers.

A listing agent’s primary selling effort consists of physically walking each inquiring party through the listed property. Frequently, agents do this unaccompanied, with zero knowledge of the person they are now alone with on the property. Safe? No. Additionally, agents often have no method of testing the veracity of the information provided by an individual, including asset or financial information. Efficient? Hardly.

The Value of Instant Due Diligence with FOREWARN

Buyer/Prospect due diligence efforts has not been widely used in the real estate industry due to the time and costs traditionally associated with such an exercise. Agents do not have the luxury of waiting days for results when a prospective buyer is seeking to view a property now. Nor can an agent or brokerage allocate the thousands of dollars traditionally needed to research hundreds of inquiries each month. But what if it was instant with a nominal monthly subscription fee?

  • Using only the incoming phone number, FOREWARN App for Real Estate can positively identify over 80% of prospective buyers.
  • Identify if your prospect has a criminal history.
  • Verify current property and vehicle ownership.
  • Verify financial risks (bankruptcies/liens).
  • Verify additional phone numbers and full address history.
  • Agents can properly and safely plan for showings with a higher level of confidence.

You have the right to know who you are doing business with.

Premium SPARK members will receive access to the FOREWARN App via a personalized email invite within 24-48 hours of activating their SPARK membership. For further questions regarding the FOREWARN App please contact FOREWARN Support at 561-757-4595 or via or (Monday – Friday; 9AM-5PM ET).

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